Kenneth Danford

Kenneth Danford is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of North Star: Self-Directed Learning for Teens. Through North Star, Kenneth has supported more than 600 teens to leave school and embark on a self-directed approach. North Star is now the lead organization of the Liberated Learners network of a dozen centers throughout the United States and Canada. Prior to establishing North Star, Kenneth attended public schools in Shaker Heights, Ohio, and then Amherst College and Brown University. He taught in both the Prince George’s County, Maryland, and Amherst, Massachusetts, public schools. Kenneth has spoken about his experience of making school optional as an annual presenter at the AERO Conference and other panels. He participated in the TEDx Conference in Amherst College in 2013 and at the Thrive 2020 Conference in Guernsey, United Kingdom, in 2015. After twenty years in the field, Kenneth is as enthusiastic as ever about helping teens and families change their lives in this profound way.